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BT profiteering again?

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Just received the following from my broadband provider

Our supplier, BT Wholesale, has introduced a cancellation charge which
applies if you stop or ‘cease’ your broadband service. This may mean you’d
get charged if you cancelled your broadband service with us. Examples of
where the charge is payable can include moving house, or changing
supplier. From the 29th October 2008, if you cancel your broadband
service, a £20 fee may be payable.

If you terminate this Agreement at any time, and choose not to
transfer your Broadband Service using a MAC code, you will be required to
pay a cessation (cancellation) fee of £20.00 to remove the Broadband
Service from your telephone line. This charge is applied to us by BT.

So it looks like even when I am not a customer of BT they can still charge me for not using their service! I wonder what the reaction would be if I tried to charge my customers if they have the temerity to stop using my srervices…. Sadly I am not a monopoly, so I can guess that the reaction would be unprintable!.