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BT profiteering again?

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Just received the following from my broadband provider

Our supplier, BT Wholesale, has introduced a cancellation charge which
applies if you stop or ‘cease’ your broadband service. This may mean you’d
get charged if you cancelled your broadband service with us. Examples of
where the charge is payable can include moving house, or changing
supplier. From the 29th October 2008, if you cancel your broadband
service, a £20 fee may be payable.

If you terminate this Agreement at any time, and choose not to
transfer your Broadband Service using a MAC code, you will be required to
pay a cessation (cancellation) fee of £20.00 to remove the Broadband
Service from your telephone line. This charge is applied to us by BT.

So it looks like even when I am not a customer of BT they can still charge me for not using their service! I wonder what the reaction would be if I tried to charge my customers if they have the temerity to stop using my srervices…. Sadly I am not a monopoly, so I can guess that the reaction would be unprintable!.

announcement – customer website redesign now live

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Amcho Computer Services are pleased to announce that Tamar Embroideries new ecommerce website has just gone live. The new website is based on the well known oscommerce open source code that we have extensively modified to meet our customers individual requirements.

Tamar Embroideries specializes in individual custom embroidered clothing.  Customers own designs are manually digitized for embroidery quality, each embroidery is sampled, individually monitored during stitching and hand finished“.

Googles New Browser: Google Chrome

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

I have just downloaded and tried the latest, newest browser from google.

Google have used open source components from Apple’s WebKit and Mozilla’s Firefox and others
and have created Google Chrome as an open-source browser.

First impressions: It seems to be very fast, and easy to use, the browser has a clean and neat look.

They have combined the address bar with a search box; type your search query in the address bar, and it automatically suggests related queries and popular websites, based on your input, and previous webpages you have viewed.

After viewing a couple of web pages, when you open up Google Chrome it will show you your most popular/recent websites and recent searches. This is fine if you are the only person using
your computer, but may be problematic if you share your computer with others!

There is an incognito mode that stops Google Chrome from storing information about the websites you’ve visited. The websites themselves may still have records of your visit,
and any files saved will still remain on your computer.
If you are planning a surprise, say a gift for a birthday,
remember to go incognito!.