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From Concept to online business in a week

Friday, January 30th, 2009

We created the Tamar Embroideries Website to sell custom embroidered gift items online back in September last year.

On Monday Tamar Embroideries had the bright idea to expand into the custom workwear market, and so we built a brand new website based on the well knows oscommerce shopping cart with a totally new range of goods and have just gone live today at

Digital TV Services after the Switchover

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

We are going to be switched over to digital later this year.

I am quite happy with the four standard channels, but for the sake of domestic harmony I needed to sort out something before the switchover or our resident teenager has threatened to leave home.

Given the choice of no TV or no teenager I decided on the no teenager option,  but then ‘she who must be obeyed’ intervened,
so it looks like we are going digital!

So for any one faced with a similar dilemma,
here are the fruits of my research:

This is the cheapest – just buy a freeview box and plug it in.
in theory it should work but as we have lousy reception anyway,
and freeview is not currently available this option was shelved.

The cold war had a couple of good results – we now have loads of satellites zooming around the planet with nothing better to do than tell us where we are and broadcast television programmes!

To get freesat you need a satalite dish connected to a box of electronics
that then connects to your existing TV.

There are two different offerings on freesat:

FREESAT from Sky – 240 channels plus lots of sky packages.

FREESAT from the BBC and ITV – 140 channels including HD

a standard installation starts from around £80,
while a freesat+ install (to allow recording) costs an extra £20 because it need two feeds from your satellite dish.

Each additional room also costs extra.

If you want lots of different programmes, telephone services, and
broadband then the offerings from sky should be considered.

At the moment Sky are doing a promotion: Sky Prepay – Pay Once, Watch Forever
for around £75 – you get your sky mini dish plus installation plus 4 months of sky packages.
After the four months trial period you can continue with your subscription or cancel.
If you cancel you keep the equipment and can continue viewing the free channels.

Sky Pay Once and Watch Forever
Currys digital TV Services