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Google Checkout – better than Paypal and Credit Cards?

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

I have just been online to make a few online purchases – it is not easy and not fun anymore!

First hurdle: The merchant wants you to sign up before allowing you to hand over your money.

After collecting all your info, they tell you that you are already a valued customer (‘your email is already in our database’), and you must login first – they then play a silly game of guess the password, or variations of such as guess your mothers maiden name, your dead parrots first name, your fathers birthday, the name of your first sexual partner…. etc etc….

Hey! I just want to buy a toaster for 15 pounds, not get married!

Second Hurdle: Enter credit card details and navigate the pop-ups that look like a phishing site (I assume that is genuine?) – make up yet another password and usernname (hint if you click register later I think it lets you make the purchase anyway).

Third Hurdle: My fault – I got the password wrong. – So Lets try paypal.
At least this merchant takes paypal – and I have an account with paypal – so this should go OK!

NO such luck! – The merchant still wants me to register with them – having set up three accounts with this merchant – I could not remember with password applied to which username.

Fouth Attempt: This merchant takes google checkout – and I have a google account.
And surprise – all went OK – (well It looks like it went OK………


If you are a merchant – do not play silly buggers with your customers – if they do not want to sign up and register with you – do not try to force them to. Do not ask your customers for their mothers maiden name or date of birth or gender, or cats maiden name=, or favorite color….

Allow your customer to pay using google checkout as well as paypal and credit cards.

I’m off to add google checkout to all my customers websites……